Binyong Sun



Room 623, Si Yuan Building 




Research Interests: Representations of real reductive groups, invariant generalized functions

Research Summary:

  • Prove uniqueness of Ginzburg-Rallis models in the archimedean case.

  • Classify irreducible lowest weight modules of real metaplectic groups, of minimal Gelfand-Kirillov dimension.

  • Find integral formulas for matrix coefficients of cohomologically induced representations of real reductive groups.

Representative Research Works:

  • Dihua Jiang, Binyong Sun, and Chen-Bo Zhu, Uniqueness of Ginzburg-Rallis models: the archimedean case, preprint.

  • Binyong Sun, Lowest weight modules of of minimal GelfandKirillov dimension, J. Algebra, 319 (2008), no.7,3062-3074.

  • Binyong Sun, Matrix coefficients of cohomologically induced representations, Compositio. Math. 143 (2007), no.1, 201-221.

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