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Fano Foliations with Small Algebraic Ranks (Jie Liu)

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 n this paper we study the algebraic ranks of foliations on Q-factorial normal projective varieties. We start by establishing a Kobayashi-Ochiai's theorem for Fano foliations in terms of algebraic rank. We then investigate the local positivity of the anti-canonical divisors of foliations, obtaining a lower bound for the algebraic rank of a foliation in terms of Seshadri constant. We describe those foliations whose algebraic rank slightly exceeds this bound and classify Fano foliations on smooth projective varieties attaining this bound. Finally we construct several examples to illustrate the general situation, which in particular allow us to answer a question asked by Araujo and Druel on the generalised indices of foliations.



  Advances in Mathematics, Volume 423, 15 June 2023, 109038