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Speaker: Dr. Francesc Castella (UCLA)

Time and Place:  March 25 (Fri)  4:00-5:00pm, MCM 610

Title: Variation of anticyclotomic Iwasawa invariants in Hida families.
Abstract: In this talk, we will explain how certain anticyclotomic Iwasawa invariants are behaved under congruences between p-ordinary modular forms. Our main result is proved following an anticyclotomic analogue of the techniques introduced by Emerton-Pollack-Weston in the cyclotomic setting, and has the following consequence: the anticyclotomic Iwasawa main conjecture in weight 2 (as proven by the combined works of Bertolini-Darmon, Pollack-Weston, and Skinner-Urban) implies the main conjecture for higher weights. (Joint work with Chan-Ho Kim and Matteo Longo.)